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Fertilizer equipment for organic manure production
Chicken manure organic fertilizer contains the medium and trace elements, beneficial bioactive bacteria and many kinds of enzymes required by plants. The life activities of these microorganisms in the soil can fix the nitrogen in the air, loosen the soil, decompose the phosphorus and potassium minerals solidified by the long-term use of chemical fertilizer in the soil, and provide sufficient multiple nutrient elements for crops.

Working process of small-scale powdered chicken manure organic fertilizer production line:
Traditional mode of chicken manure fermentation - organic fertilizer crushing after fermentation - mixing - artificial drying to remove water - screening out unqualified particles by screening machine - automatic packaging machine for bagging, or directly sold to local farmers.
Fertilizer equipment for organic manure production
Production line process of large scale chicken manure fertilizer equipment:
Use the compost machine to ferment the raw materials - smash the fermented organic fertilizer - mix the raw materials evenly in the mixer - granulator to granulate - dryer to evaporate the moisture in the particles - cooler to quickly reduce the temperature of the particles - screening machine to screen out the unqualified particles and re smash them for granulation - qualified particles are coated - Final organic fertilizer product carry out quantitative bagging.

Advantages of making organic fertilizer from chicken manure
1. It can provide all kinds of nutrients needed for different growth of crops, balance and stimulate reproductive growth and vegetative growth, enable the root system of crops to be developed, flower and fruit conservation, improve the rate of fruit production, early harvest, improve the sustainable and high-yield capacity of soil, and increase production by 10% - 15%.
2. The large-scale propagation of beneficial microorganisms can restrain the growth and spread of harmful bacteria in the soil, improve the disease resistance ability of crops, effectively resist diseases and insect pests, have strong resistance, and enhance the ability of crops to resist cold, freeze and aging.
3. Organic matter enhances the permeability of soil, which is conducive to the growth of crop root system and the improvement of crop vitality and epidemic force.
4. It can improve the soil, improve the fertility, clean up the single element, reduce the pollution of harmful substances such as pesticides and chemical fertilizers on the soil.
5. The application of chicken manure organic fertilizer can not only increase the yield, but also improve the comprehensive benefits of fruit coloring, large and even fruit, tolerance to storage, taste and quality.