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What is the fertilizer after aftereffect?
Using the fertilizer will produce the effect through some time.The fertilizer manufacturing process  of making the organic fetilizer granulator or npk fertilizer granulator when to be used will produce the fertilizer aftereffect.So for further to know more,we share some information about the aftereffect.Producing the npk compound fertilizer granulator in the npk fertilizer production which the fertilizer production line is designed by the fertilizer machine designer.Using the fertilizer production line to make the npk fertilizer granulator is higher efficient and working efficient.Well,how do you think the npk fertilizer aftereffect?

npk fertilizer production
What it is the fertilizer aftereffect?Fertilizer aftereffect refers to the effective nutrients of fertilizer can be fully utilized at the end of the current season and show a certain fertilizer effect in the next season or next year.The aftereffect of fertilizer is closely related to the nature and type of fertilizer.The application of refractory organic fertilizers and insoluble pjosphate fertilizers has the longest after-effect.If the application amount is large,the fertilizer effect will be shown in the third,fourth and even the second and third year after application.Quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer is easily absorbed and utilized by crops,especially when there is too much sand or irrigation,it is easy to lose,and generally does not show the aftereffect,or the aftereffect is not obvious.Quick-acting phosphorus fertilizer is easy to be fixed after it is applied to the soil.It can not be fully utilized in the current season,but also has the performance of aftereffect.
The fertilizer aftereffect will be produced through sometime,and we can use the fertilizer granulator machine to make the fertilizer into granulator.When the fertilizer to be made into granulator,they can be keep the fertilizer effect.And the fertilizer granulator are easy to be preseved.