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Compound fertilizer drum granulation equipment
Compound fertilizer drum granulation equipment is a new product developed according to the requirements of producing high-concentration compound fertilizer. High-concentration compound fertilizers are difficult to form into pellets, the raw materials have poor pelletizing properties, and the amount of additives is greatly restricted. The main features of the rotary drum granulator are the ability to perform steam granulation in a longer drum, increase the granulation temperature, improve the granulation characteristics of the raw materials, reduce the granulation moisture, reduce the drying load, and increase the granulation strength and the granulation strength. Roundness. This machine can also be used for the production of organic fertilizer production line, which is an ideal product for current replacement. 

Compound fertilizer drum granulation equipment

The main features of compound fertilizer rotary drum granulation equipment are as follows

  1. 1. The output of fertilizer production line of rotary drum granulator is flexible. Steam is used to increase the temperature of materials during granulation to meet the liquid phase required for granulation. It can greatly reduce the water content of materials during granulation, reduce the load of dryer and increase the output of the whole machine. The rotary drum granulator is cylindrical type with good heat preservation effect.
  3. Compound fertilizer drum granulation equipment
  5. 2. More varieties can be developed, which can produce 20-48% kinds of compound fertilizer with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients from 20% to 48%, high nitrogen compound fertilizer with more than 20% nitrogen element, special fertilizer of various brands, organic and inorganic compound fertilizer.
  7. 3. The wall sticking problem in the rotary drum granulator is serious, which directly affects the movement of the materials, and affects the pelletizing rate and the roundness of the particles. In view of this problem, our company has developed a high polymer material movable lining on the inner wall of the granulator, which can completely solve the problem of material adhesion and play the role of anti-corrosion and heat preservation.