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Common problems of drum granulation in fertilizer production line
The working method of the drum granulation fertilizer production line is agglomeration wet granulation. Through a certain amount of water or steam, the basic fertilizer is fully chemically reacted after adjusting the humidity in the cylinder, and under certain liquid phase conditions, by the rotation of the cylinder The movement causes the squeezing force between the material particles to reunite into a ball. Under normal circumstances, what problems will occur in the drum granulation and affect the operation of the fertilizer production line? The following is a brief introduction.

Common problems of drum granulation in fertilizer production line:

Question 1: rolling belt sliding
Cause: ① the concave joint side of the rolling belt is not clamped. The treatment method is to clamp the side of the drum granulating roller belt and the concave joint.
② It is not clamped with the rolling belt and concave joint in the radius direction. The base plate or clamp can be used, but the excessive or uneven clamping must be paid attention to, and the tightening is easy to cause the body beating and vibration accidents.

Common problems of drum granulation in fertilizer production line
Problem 2: body dislocation
Cause: ① wear of supporting wheel. It can be repaired or replaced according to the wear degree
② The block wheel is worn. The drum granulation needs to be repaired, moved or replaced with a new block wheel according to the wear degree.

Problem 3: gear misalignment
Cause: ① the pinion is worn. Install the pinion in reverse. If both sides are worn, replace the drum granulator with a new one.
② The connection between the big gear and the cylinder is broken. Correct the connection properly if necessary.

Problem 4: cylinder vibration
Cause: ① the connection between roller device and base is damaged. Adjust the connecting and tightening nuts to make the carrier wheel in the correct position.
② The roller belt side of the drum granulation is worn. Turn the side of the roller belt according to the wear degree or replace it with a new one.