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How to make bio organic fertilizer production line?
 With the using of the organic fertilizer granulator,the bio organic fertilizer granulator market is also popular now.And producing the bio organic fertilizer granulator is also important.Now the producing have been entered the automatically machinery time,and the fertilizer machine manufacturers also developed more fertilizer machines to make the fertilizer granulator higher efficient.Improving the working efficient.Today,we will share the fertilizer manufacturing process of the bio fertilizer granulator with you by the 3D video.
Because the bio organic fertilizer granulator is also a kind of organic fertilizer granulator,the bio organic fertilizer granulator is also suitable for the organic fertilizer manufacturing process.In the line it is equipped with the horizontal mixer machine to mix the raw material,which the raw material have been fermented for somtime using the fermentation compost turner machine.Then put the raw material enter into the new type organic fertilizer granulator machine that a kind of fertilizer granulator machine is used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.Producing the organic fertilizer granulator,we also can use the flat die granulator machine and the machine is more suitable for a small yield production line to make the organic fertilizer granulator.Usually,producing the organic fertilizer granulator need to dry the water to the 20%,and the fertilizer granulator can meet the requirement of the standard of the organic fertilizer granulator.In the front of the drum dryer machine there is a set of hot stove that using the machine to enter the source of the hot to dry the granulator.After drying and cooling,we need to use the fertilizer screener machine to screen the inquality fertilizer granulator and make them into the chain crusher machine to be crushed and then making granulator again.Packing the quality fertilizer granualtor into the automatic packing machine to be packed.
A complete bio fertilizer production is the same as the organic fertilizer production line,because the organic fertilizer production line have a little complex compared with the npk fertilizer production,so when we understant the organic fertilizer production line,we will know more about other fertilizer production line.We design other fertilizer production lines for our customers,and you have any questions about the fertilizer machines or fertilizer manufacturing process,you can leave a message for us,we are the professional fertilizer machine manufacturers,we are like to supply some suggestions for you to solve you problem.