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How to make the bb fertilizer?

The common fertilizer that we know have the organic fertilizer granualtor ,bio organic fertilizer granulator or inorganic fertilizer granulator.There we introduce a new fertilizer that called the bb fertilizer granulator.This knid of fertilizer granulator is a new developed fertilizer granulator that it is to bs uesd in abroad.For producing the fertilizer granulator more convenient and higher efficient using the fertilizer manufacturing process,we designed the bb fertilizer production line to make the bb fertilizer granulator.The bb fertilizer production is actually designed by the different type fertilizer machines,these machines are equipped with each other and become a complete fertilizer production line.
bb fertilizer production
BB fertilizer,its English name is bulk blending fertilizer,the full name is bulk blender fertilizer,also known as blended fertilizer.It is a compound fertilizer which is obtained by blending several knids of granular single fertilizer or compound fertilizer in a certain proportion.Its characteristics are that the ratio of npk and trace elements can be easily adjusted,and special fertilizers of various specifications can be produced according to user needs,which is more suitable for soil testing and formula fertilization.BB fertilizers is the direction of fertilizer development in the furture.The bb fertilizer,blended fertilizer and formula fertilizer produced by Zhegzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Machinery Co.Ltd.produces the fully automatic bb fertilizer production line have comprehensive nutrient,high concentration,significant yield increase,strong pertinence,and easy processing.Low production cost,no pollution,flexible formula can be flexibly changed according to different conditions such as crop nutriention,soil fertility and yield level,making up for general purpose compound fertilizer,which is easy to cause a certain nutrient deficiency or excess due to the fixed nutrient distribution ratio,shortcomings.

In the bb fertilzer production,the machines are mainly included the fertilzier mixer machine,batching system belt conveyor,and fertilizer packing machine.The line is simple and easy to be operated, the fertilizer mixer machine is equipped with the bb fertilizer mixer machine which is designed by the fertilizer machine manufacturers according to the characteristics of the bb fertilizer granulator.Using the belt conveyor in the fertilizer production line to make the fertilizer is mainly to conveyor the raw material. As the fertilizer machine manufacturers,we also designed other fertilizer production line to make the fertilizer granulator,like the npk fertilizer production,chicken manure organic fertilizer production and so on.