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Scientific use organic fertilizer screening machine to promote efficient fertilizer production
 Livestock and poultry manure organic fertilizer equipment screening machine including drum screener machine, vibration screener machine, etc is a very common screening type, and it is also a classic and standardized screening machine. The livestock and poultry manure organic fertilizer equipment screening machine is generally a frame structure, which is composed of a vibration motor, a steel spring or a rubber spring for shock absorption, a wear-resistant material sieve plate (screen), and a sealed or open screen box, which can be single-layer or double-layer. Layer use, with many advantages, is a screening machine. Organic fertilizer screening machine is widely used, such as organic fertilizer, coal mine, electric power, building material, refractory material and chemical industry product classification and high-energy screening of other granular materials.

 Basic requirements for fertilizer production by organic fertilizer equipment: The general requirements of blended fertilizers for basic fertilizers are uniform particle size, low moisture content, good particle strength, and no agglomeration during storage. The granules and large crystals obtained by spray granulation can be pressed into tablets, and the irregular granules obtained by crushing and sieving can also be used, but certain requirements must be met. Therefore, the screening machine is particularly important for the production of organic fertilizers from livestock and poultry manure, kitchen waste, etc. For large-scale farms, the daily production of water flushing manure exceeds 100 tons, and the rotary drum screen separator should be selected, which has large processing capacity and high efficiency; Ordinary small farms, with less than 100 tons of manure flushed per day, should choose a screw extrusion solid-liquid separator. The equipment is small and the one-time investment cost is low. Choose the appropriate organic equipment according to your own situation.

 During the operation of the organic fertilizer equipment, keep the workplace clean, clean up the mortar and flying objects scattered or splashed on the organic fertilizer equipment, wipe clean the exposed processing surface of the organic fertilizer equipment, and apply rust-proof meat paint , put on the corresponding shield to prevent the secondary intrusion of dust.