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Matters needing attention in increasing the rate of organic fertilizer application
 Livestock and poultry manure has a huge output and is rich in nutrients. The organic fertilizer produced by organic fertilizer equipment can improve the soil, promote the formation of soil water-stable aggregate structure, make the clay soil loose and easy to cultivate, and improve soil fertility. We have high-quality organic fertilizer equipment and a complete organic fertilizer production line, welcome to inquire.
1. First of all, pay attention to water. Due to different water source conditions and rainfall, there will be some differences in fertilization technology. Excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer should not be used in the rainy season to prevent crops from growing wildly, fertilizer loss, and water pollution. Phosphate fertilizer can improve the utilization rate of water, and can play the role of increasing nitrogen with phosphorus.
2. Secondly, it depends on the temperature. In the cold and low temperature season, semi-decomposed organic fertilizer and high-concentration clear water manure can be applied to the overwintering crops, so that the crops can provide heat during the decomposition process and increase the ground temperature. When the high temperature season comes, more fully decomposed organic fertilizers should be applied, appropriate amount of chemical fertilizers should be applied, and fertilizers should be released with water.
3. Then depending on the light, apply more nitrogen fertilizer in places with good light conditions to promote the vegetative growth and reproductive growth of crops; in places with poor light conditions, apply less nitrogen fertilizer to prevent crops from greed and late maturity; when the light is strong, Apply fertilizers deeply to prevent volatilization and photolysis, and apply more potassium and phosphate fertilizers to improve water utilization.
4. Finally, it depends on the soil. The gas in the soil and the atmosphere also has a great influence on the application effect of fertilizers. When the soil is compacted or the water content is too high, the porosity of the soil is small, and the gas is difficult to circulate, which inhibits the respiration of the root system and hinders the decomposition of nutrients by microorganisms. Pay attention to keeping the soil loose and allowing normal air circulation.