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The benefits of using organic fertilizer
 The benefits of using organic fertilizer
1,Enhance the ability of land to resist cold and drought
2,Improve soil and redue salt damage
3,greatly improve the quality of agricultural products
4,Inrease the microbial contet in soil
5,promote seed growth and improve photosynthesis of crop
The benefits of using organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizer application precautions

1. The long-term effect of organic fertilizer cannot replace the quick-acting effect of chemical fertilizer. It must be applied according to different crops and soil, and the best effect can be achieved.

2. The method of applying organic fertilizer is generally based on the use of base (bottom) fertilizer, and the fertilizer is uniformly applied and ploughed into the soil before the crop is planted. If the application of strips or furrows is adopted, care should be taken to prevent the occurrence of burning of the fertilizers in a concentrated manner. The amount of organic fertilizer applied should be determined according to the actual situation of the crop fields.

3. When using organic fertilizer for top dressing, be sure to pour water in time.

4. When commercial organic fertilizer is used on dry land crops in high temperature season, it is necessary to pay attention to appropriately reduce the application amount to prevent the occurrence of burning.

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