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Temperature control is the key of pig manure organic fertilizer production line
 Temperature control is the key to the process of pig manure fermentation.
  1. 1: The pig manure organic fertilizer production line takes pig manure, bran, order, sawdust, fine soil and other powder materials and stirs them evenly.
  2. 2: The fermented and mature bacteria can be added into the pig manure fermentation material pool and stirred evenly.
  3. 3: During aerobic fermentation, when the material temperature reaches 40-50 ℃, the bio organic fertilizer equipment (compost turnover machine) shall be turned over. When the material temperature reaches 40-50 ℃, the stack shall be compacted and sealed with plastic cloth or rainproof cloth (surrounding compaction to prevent air leakage) for anaerobic fermentation.
  4. 4: The suitable temperature for compost fermentation is 25-35 ℃, and the fermentation time is 7-14 days (depending on the season).
  5. 5: Success criteria: Fermented compost, with koji flavor but not stink.
Temperature control is the key of pig manure organic fertilizer production line
Notes on fermentation process:
① The fermentation mature bacteria shall be used after fully mixing with the fermentation materials.
② Do not mix with fungicides. In anaerobic fermentation, if the airtight is not strict, it is easy to enter the air and cause high temperature, which affects the quality of organic fertilizer.
The above steps are fermentation of organic fertilizer by fermentation of mature bacteria. However, because many cultivation farmers can't judge the standard of fermentation success well, or the operation is not standardized, which leads to fermentation failure, it is necessary to make fermentation plan according to local conditions and control the temperature.