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Malaysia NPK Fertilizer Production Line Installation Site
Here is Malaysian NPK compound fertilizer production line installation site manufactured by Zhengzhou Huaqiang heavy Industry, we provide the nissan 200tons compound fertilizer production line and 50,000 tons capacity compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer production line with high-quality and large output.  
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We are  the best organic fertilizer machine processing plant, we are the professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer in china, we provide different complete set of organic nitrogen fertilizer production equipment, here is the visiting site from the organic farming in Malaysia. Malaysian Customers Came To Visit Our Fertilizer Machine  on Aug 31th, 2018.  Our customer realized the development of our company and the succesful our products exported to overseas countries accompanied by our marketing manager.

They also realized our machine in detail include: simple groove turning machine, the fertilizer granulator machine series, horizontal mixer, and cage crusher and so on .they are satisfied with our production scale and machines quality. After visiting the customer told us about their actual condition, after professional discussion,our technical guidance provide the suitable organic fertilizer production line according to their requirements. Here is the visiting site of our clients from Malaysia. 

Here is the visting site in Huaqiang Heavy Industry factory: